"Met with the Centre Staff Managing Director John Sanderson, LIQA Graham Perkins and assessor Steve Hattersley. Sufficient IQA is being undertaken to ensure the safe claims of portfolios. (Interviewed). Intervention and a positive change demonstrated by Graham. Induction paper trail has been evidenced within the portfolios. (In-depth electronic system demonstrated on the day). Initial assessment process is undertaken by the provider and is stored within the portfolios. (In-depth electronic system demonstrated on the day). Two-way constructive feedback is evidenced within the portfolios and clear targets are set. All the correct documentation has been evidenced within the portfolios. A very robust system is in place that allows for a clear audit of assessment and evidence from Graham and the team. 

Best practice: Well-presented portfolios with clear assessment decisions. No actions found in this visit. The Centre clearly follows the recommendations set out in the “Consolidated Assessment Strategy”, all portfolios are assessment led and Quality Assured by G. Perkins to ensure safe claims" 

 David Satchell | NOCN | 13/09/2018

" Today’s visit was carried out by EQA with agreement from Steve Hattersley. Centre had excellent comments to add to the centre intelligence section below. Centre management and systems remain unchanged since the last visit. 

Through sampling of portfolios requested at random centre have shown they continue to meet Learners, Assessment, Training & Quality Assurance & Records requirements of appendix 1. Centre resources which were viewed and in place today were found to meet these requirements. Throughout today centre have continued to show that they meet Cskills Awards requirements for approved centres" 

 Jon Green | NOCN | 20/09/2017