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Meeting at the Centre with John Sanderson, IQA, and Steve Hattersley, Assessor. Received an update of the current Centre activities and learner status. Completed the sampling activity as planned, the sampling confirmed the consistently good quality approach to delivering the qualifications. All observations undertaken are supported with video evidence and the learners can be seen working in their real like environment, adding extra quality to the evidence. No risks were identified at the visit and the Centre adopts correct recording procedures. It is considered that the TQT allocated to 3654-06 and the GLH for 3654-03 are generally adequate, some learners requiring more support than others. It is recommended that the Centre remains on Low (Full approval) status.

 Mike Salt | City & Guilds| 09/10/2018


"Met at the centre by Steve Hattersley, assessor, and John Sanderson IQA. Comments relating to a learner transferred into our centre - The evidence he had collated was reviewed by the centre and an action plan agreed for him to complete the qualification. Candidates are given the option of completing a unit summary or a professional discussion; in any event all candidates are observed and a PD conducted, this process is always at the candidate's place of employment and is videoed. The Learners  portfolio was sampled and meets the qualification requirements. 

There were no issues arising from the visit, the centre will request a further visit when they have some candidates completing 365406 although they appear to have Low (full approval) for this qualification, they do not want to claim certificates until fully sure they have met the criteria"

 Mike Salt | City & Guilds| 20/01/2017


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